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Authorized Extreme Glare / Zurich Dealer

(Can be worn with or without RX glasses)

$79.00 (cdn)
Blue Gradient - Light Density Gold Gradient - Light Density Silver Gradient - Light Density
Grey Lenses: BG-S Grey Lenses: GG-S Grey Lenses: SG-S
Rose Lenses: BR-S Rose Lenses: GR-S Rose Lenses: SR-S
Silver Solid - Medium Density Gold Solid - Medium Density Blue Solid - Medium Density
Grey Lenses: SG-1 Grey Lenses: GG-1 Grey Lenses: BG-1
Rose Lenses: SR-1 Rose Lenses: N/A Rose Lenses: BR-1
Magenta Fashion - Dark Density Teal Fashion - Dark Density Emerald Fashion - Dark Density
Grey Lenses: MG-1 Grey Lenses: TG-1 Grey Lenses: EG-1
Rose Lenses: MR-1 Rose Lenses: TR-1 Rose Lenses: N/A
  Grey Lenses/ Super Dark TG1-D for light sensitive eyes ($5.00 extra)
- not intended for "normal" use

(Not designed to fit over RX glasses)

$89.00 (cdn)

Gold Gradient
Light Density
Blue Solid
Medium Density
Silver Solid Solid
Medium Density
Teal Solid
Grey Lenses: Z-GG-S Grey Lenses: Z-BG-1 Grey Lenses: Z-SG-1 Grey Lenses: Z-TG-1
Rose Lenses: Z-GR-S Rose Lenses: Z-BR-1 Rose Lenses: Z-SR-1 Rose Lenses: Z-TR-1
Grey Lenses - Grey lenses are best for blocking glare in bright, sunny conditions without changing the natural colours of things.

Lenses -
Rose lenses work best in hazy, cloudy, smoky, foggy, or dull light conditions. The rose lens will accentuate colours to make all colours more vibrant while giving the wearer better colour definition, depth perception, and more contrast. Dark and Medium Rose lenses also work well in sunny conditions.
All Zurich / Extreme Glare Sunglasses are made in the USA by Zurich International!

Prices are subject to applicable taxes. We accept Visa or MasterCard
Shipping within Canada costs from $10.00 and up depending upon the destination.
Please send us your postal code if you would like a more accurate shipping rate.

To place an order in Canada or for more information please call: 905-567-6096 or Email Us

"Extreme Glare" Technology can also be added to your prescription in the frame of your choice - Visit the Manufacturers Website for further Info - Extreme Glare Sunglasses


Float Strap $5.00 (cdn)
Pilot Strap (For Orig. Zurich's) $20.00 (cdn)
Neoprene Floating Case - Price $10.00

Replacement Temples
 (For Original Zurich's Only Price $12.00 (cdn)

Replacement Temples
(For Z2 / Pilot Glasses) Price $8.00 (cdn)
Zurich Sunglasses are also marketed under their new name Extreme Glare Sunglasses